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You may have seen the group in red coats around town, but do you really know who they are?

These are Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors. The original group of Ambassadors was formed in 1955 under Chamber director Bob Thomson’s leadership. The Ambassadors serve as the good will public relations greeting arm for the Chamber of Commerce. Members may be any individual in good standing with the community who are involved in the Chamber and/or retired presidents of the Chamber. There is an Ambassador Supreme who directs the members of the club, along with four Junior Ambassadors – each representing his/her respective High School class. Junior Ambassadors are selected during an interview process that takes place in the spring of their 8th grade year. JA-s represent their High School class during all four years of their High School careers. An alternate JA is also chosen in case someone is unable to fulfill his/her term.

The group meets once on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and typically calls on 4-5 businesses for occasions such as an anniversary, remodeling project and new business or new location. The Ambassadors also make special calls for Grand Openings and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.

Junior Ambassadors

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If your business would like a visit from the Ambassadors, please call the Chamber office at 641-228-4234.


Our Ambassadors

Mark Barry
Shawn Davis
Ed Duroe
Tammy Elthon
Carl “Kip” Hauser
J.R. “Dick” Herbrechtsmeyer
Bob Kloberdanz
Jacie Garden
Veronica Litterer
Mark Miller
John Newton
Toni Noah
Jane Larson
Heidi Pavlovich
Jeff Sisson
Dean Stewart
Larry Stewart
Dean Andrews
Jim Erb

Nathan Shultz – 2020
Alec Staudt – 2021
Rachel Chambers 2022
Lilly Luft 2023